Tuesday, October 13, 2015

'Thizz a Love Story' by Nicole Loufas

Character Bios
Danielle hates the name Danielle. She wants you to call her Dani. Danielle is the name of her mother’s favorite author. She wrote romance and Dani knows nothing about romance. When Dani lived in San Francisco she was a frumpy girl with ankles so thick her socks left deep grooves her skin.  The girl she becomes in Eureka is skinny and mysterious. Boys look at her, girls envy her. She’s still the same girl that loves reality TV and prefers cold coffee to hot.  She doesn’t care about politics, the environment, her cuticles.  She doesn’t care about anything but Thizz.

Matt wants to be the most important thing in someone’s life.  Nick’s best friend. Dani’s supplier.  It doesn’t matter as long as he feels significant - needed.  Growing up with a sister in and out of the hospital and a best friend like Nick, it was easy to slip into the background.  Being ignored is easy, pretending it doesn’t matter is hard.

Nick has never stood in a store trying to pick out a father’s card.  He’s never bought a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day. He has a gaping hole in his chest that he fills with anger. Not at the white powder his father snorted up his nose and caused his heart to stop or the cancer that ate away his mother’s pancreas. He blames his orphan status on the woman that cared for him, loved him his entire life.  Nick Marino doesn’t love unconditionally, he doesn’t know a love like that exists until he meets Dani.

Thizz, A Love Story
Genre- Contemporary YA with mature content
By- Nicole Loufas
Expected Publication Date- November 1st

In 2006, while the San Francisco Bay Area was immersed in the Hyphy Movement – Dani was fleeing the city for the small coastal town of Eureka. With a past she wants to forget and a future that may be out of reach – Dani finds Thizz and her world turns inside out.
Dani has a plan.  Get into CAL Berkeley.  All she has to do is survive six months in Eureka, California.  Her plan seems to be working until Matt, the boy she’s secretly crushing on, sets her up with his best friend.
Nick Marino is the star of the basketball team, grandson to the wealthiest woman in the county, and the town drug dealer. Nick introduces Dani to Thizz on their first date and suddenly smiling becomes easy, conversations are comfortable. Now if she can just figure out if the tingles she’s feeling are caused by Nick or Thizz. After a few weeks of both – she doesn’t care.
With Nick by her side, thizz flowing through her veins, and Matt keeping all her secrets – Dani settles into her new life; forgetting about the tragedy that drove her there, and the plan she had to escape.
Matt fell in love with Dani the first time he saw her.   He also knew whatever drove her from San Francisco to Eureka in her last semester of high school wasn’t something she wanted to share.  When she finally started to open up, Matt hesitated just long enough for his best friend Nick to swoop in. Forced to sit and watch their relationship grow, Matt also learns of Dani’s obsession with Thizz.  He secretly feeds her addiction in a desperate attempt to win her heart.
Pressured into joining Nick’s crew, Matt finds himself in the middle of Eureka’s own hyphy movement and the hit list of a local biker gang. When a school project uncovers a disturbing link between Dani’s parents and Nick’s uncle, Matt is torn between his loyalty to Nick and his feelings for Dani as he tries to convince Dani that her life is in real danger; while persuading Nick to turn on his uncle to save the girl they love.


About the Author-
Nicole Loufas is a San Francisco native. She loves books, music, and bloody mary’s. She started writing her first screenplay in the sixth grade; the project was shelved due to creative differences with her EX-best friend. Nicole lives in Northern California with her family and her dog, Achilles. Thizz, A Love Story is her first novel. Find out more at: www.nicoleloufas.com .



  1. Really enjoyed reading the entire post today. This is a new author for me but I would love to learn more! Thank you for the reveal!

  2. Sounds like a story I'd love to get into, thank you.