Saturday, September 26, 2015

Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko

Moonchild DreamsMoonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko
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Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko is a book filled with a wonderful collection of poems on love, hope, enlightenment, and wisdom. I truly enjoyed reading almost all of the poems in this wonderful little book, the few I did not enjoy were not for any lack of writing skill or poetry ability. Rather they were just poems that did not call to me on an emotional level or poems that I was left pondering the meaning of after I finished reading them.

I enjoyed reading Lock it up the most, though Time was a close second. Time focuses on a pair of lovers who yearn for time to stop so that they may forever be together and enjoy the company of the other without worrying about time running out for a an eternity. I can understand the want for time to slow or stop if even only for a little while so that one might be able to enjoy the moment without worry of it ending too soon.

A read through of my favorite poem is here:

I was sent a free copy of this book for a honest review.

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