Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Writing for Dog Rescues

Hi Everyone,

If you are reading my blog than you probably have a love of reading a possible writing. I am a huge animal fan, I currently have three dogs of my own all of who are rescues. I am trying to put together a kindle eBook on dog rescues. I plan to give 100% of the profits to animal rescue groups, feel free to suggest a group with your story and I will see that your group gets a donation from the sales of the book. 

I would love to have as many stories as possible in this book. I would really appreciate any story. All you have to do is:

  1. Write up your dog rescue story
  2. Send it to me using the contact form on the right
  3. Make sure to include your name and a small bio about yourself so that I can give you credit for the story.
  4. I will contact you when the book is finished or soon er if you request it
In addition to stories if anyone is a digital artist(or any other type of artist) who would like to design a cover I would welcome your help. Also please feel free to suggest title ideas.

With your help we can help support animal rescue groups!

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