Saturday, September 26, 2015

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Becoming: The Balance Bringer by Debra Kristi

This young adult fantasy started as one book and quickly turned into so much more as the story unfolded. The framework for a prequel revolving around Ryland and Kaia is already being sketched out. The  sister  relationship  between  Ana,  Crystia,  and  Kaia was  the  driving  force  when  I  started writing the first book, although I didn’t fully realize it at the time. This  story  was bouncing  around in  my  head  for  thirteen  years  before  I  decided  to  commit  to putting pen to paper. It blossomed considerably during that time. The free-spirited sister of my protagonist captured the spirit of my real sister, bringing her to life in my story as the character Crystia. It  may  come  as  no  surprise  that  I  use  music  as  inspiration.  I  currently  have  an  incomplete soundtrack for the first two books consisting of 83 songs. That does not include character theme songs. Yep, I listened to a plethora of music while writing this particular story.  I had the character Dohlan walking one path through the story,  but he explained to  me that  it wasn’t going to be that simple. As a result, his character arc changed considerable. You’ll have to wait and see where that takes us.

~ Thanks for having me on the blog. I appreciate your time and effort in spreading the word. Big thank you to the reader, too. Readers are the reason we writers do all that we do.

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